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12) 5 Dysfunctions That Make Your Startup Unfundable (Article from Startup Musings)

My comment: As I have mentioned in a previous blog, while bright ideas are necessary, over time, in my opinion, it is execution that wins the day. It is the conventional wisdom, particularly here in the U.S., that superior execution depends on stellar performance by individuals. I do not subscribe to this wisdom, feeling that a ‘well oiled’ team will ,except in rare occasions, outperform individuals, no matter what their calibre if given the right environment. This article looks at some reasons why achieving ‘well oiled’ status is not easy  -even when the mix of people would seem to augur for success.


About the author – Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

I act as interim c.f.o., controller or special projects lead (for example, development and review of financial statements and internal controls, financial modeling, acquisition/funding risk assessment). Clients range from Fortune 100 level to startups

I also run a mentor program for the Seattle chapter of the global non profit TiE


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