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) 4 Big Ideas to Boost Productivity (Article from Inc. Magazine –March 22 2012)

My comment: I hear on a regular basis that, in today’s fast changing world, in order to build a successful company, the critical element is best of breed technology. Well, I beg to differ. No question that the quality of the idea is a necessary condition for success. However, it is not sufficient.

To build an enduring company, in my opinion, it is ‘all about the people’ and managements’ ability to maximize their return on investment in their employees . I find it a relatively rare event, for companies that I have been involved with, both large and small, to really understand how to bring the best out in their staff on an ongoing basis –to create that internal desire to succeed , for the company and for themselves.

For those leaders who really want to drive their staff to continuing excellence, this article offers four critical elements  that should be part of your management tool kit.

About the author – Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

I act as interim c.f.o., controller or special projects lead (for example, development and review of financial statements and internal controls, financial modeling, acquisition/funding risk assessment). Clients range from Fortune 100 level to startups.


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