Robin’s blog for Entrepreneurs_02_20_2012

Should employees be rewarded for making mistakes? (Article from (1/23))

My comment:  If one looks at the underlying premises of six sigma and other management efficiency methodologies, one sees that a key premise is to push down the decision making to the level most closely involved in the process in question. If one accepts this approach, then, it follows that mistakes will be made. If the underlying culture is one of fear, then employees’ willingness to try new approaches will be lost or restricted –along with the potential benefits to the company. In particular, in  early stage companies, it seems to me that flexibility, team involvement and controlled risk taking at all levels   needs to be  part of the  ‘fabric’ of the corporate culture. This article attempts to make the case for developing a culture where employees feel empowered to make mistakes (s long as they learn from them)

About the author – Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

I act as interim c.f.o., controller or special projects lead (for example, development and review of financial statements and internal controls, financial modeling, acquisition/funding risk assessment). Clients range from Fortune 100 level to startups.



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