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Article from Entrepreneur Magazine: Six Steps for Dealing with Social Media Detractors

My comment:  it is inevitable, in this interconnected world that some customer is going to complain about your product, the way he/she was treated on the phone or for a myriad of other reasons, both real and imagined. It is critical that a policy be put in place as to how to deal with this sort of issue. Simply ducking and hoping that the problem will disappear has been shown not top work. This article speaks to some practical steps to take when faced with this situation.

Article from  CBS money Watch: Your work may be serious, but your business doesn’t have to be

My comment: there is plenty to be serious about these days. However, an optimistic attitude and positive approach on the part of the company’s leaders both makes life more enjoyable and, by lifting morale, usually is simply good for business. This article discusses some of the benefits of a sunny environment

Why Your Team Doesn’t Care: The 4 Ways You’re Crushing Your Culture –article from Forbes Magazine

My comment:  Whatever the stage your company is at, having employees who are committed to  and motivated by the corporate mission  is critical to long range success. This  article puts  forward a few useful suggestions as to how to encourage your employees to ‘buy in’ to the dream

What Makes a Successful Business Plan? –article from “Up and Running” Blog

My comment: in my opinion, preparation and regular updating of a business plan is an indispensible part of what should be an ongoing planning process. I regularly get comments, in particular from leaders of early stage  companies that whatever they put down is bound to change –so, what is the point. However, it is in answering (and re answering) the tough questions required to produce the plan that the value lies. This article speaks to some of the core element s of any well put together plan

3 Ways Remarkable Leaders Get Noticed –article by Tanveer Naseer –Business coach

My comment: there is a real difference, in my opinion, between a manager and a leader.  Many successful entrepreneurs do not recognize the different skill sets required and that being good at one does not always mean being good at the other. In order to lead one has to have followers. This article speaks to some ways a leader can show his/her qualities to his employees. The comment about listening particularly struck me. A good listener is a rare breed in my experience.

Secrets Of The Accidental Entrepreneur –article in Tech Crunch

My comment: an excellent summary (slightly tongue in cheek) about all the things a would  be entrepreneur needs to be able to handle during the course of building their business. A really good sanity check for those of you thinking about making the jump to self employment

Mend Your Spend  -article from ‘’

My comment: One cannot control the weather or the market. However, what you spend your resources on and how much you spend are, for the most part, controllable events. In particular in the early stages of a company’s development, controlling cash is critical. This article offers some common sense approaches to keeping the burn rate in check

 3 Steps to Turbo Charge Profits –article from  ‘ Business Finance’

My comment:  When I ask decision makers at companies both large  and small where their company makes its money, the answer is, with unfortunate regularity, I don’t know. Revenues and expenses are aggregated across products, thus eliminating any real chance to see  what provides the best return on investment. This article , while directed at CFO’s, offers useful insight to any executive looking to increase profits.

About the author – Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

I act as interim c.f.o., controller or special projects lead (for example, development and review of financial statements and internal controls, financial modeling, acquisition/funding risk assessment). Clients range from Fortune 100 level to startups.


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