Business Management thoughts

By Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

1) “Three steps for improving your business by looking at the numbers”
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Comment: A common theme I hear from entrepreneurs, especially when in the startup/early stages of corporate development is that there is no point in preparing forecasts, having proper accounting systems, analyzing data and the like . Things will change too rapidly for good analysis. This article speaks to some reasons for not falling in to that trap.

2) Article on managing the capitalization table – from the NY Times
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Comment: While, for the classic entrepreneur, the process of building the business (the chance to be your own boss, change the world etc.) is a primary motivator, at the end of the day, there has to be a financial return, both to the investors and to the entrepreneur. This article gives some interesting examples of differing approaches to raising funds and the results on the share of the business retained by the founders.

3) Article from on the importance of keeping abreast of state taxes
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Comment: Federal taxes are rarely ignored, in my experience and much thinking goes into minimizing them. However, ignoring state taxes, or not recognizing their impact on overall financial returns can have serious (negative) repercussions. This article makes a persuasive case for not falling into that trap. It applies to companies large and small.

4) Interesting blog on Leadership – “Good leaders make their own luck”
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Comment: While a good idea is a necessary ingredient in the creating of a successful business, over time, good execution is paramount. In my opinion, good execution depends on good leadership. This article speaks to that sentiment.

5) How to protect company data when employees work with their own equipment – article from ‘Business News’
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Comment: Security of data, control over IP strategy, control over corporate image/brand are all vital to a company’s long term success. Developing a successful data control strategy is no easy matter in today’s ‘connected’ world. This article provides some ideas on how accomplish one aspect of the overall strategy.

About the author – Robin Beukers MBA CPA CMA CIA

I act as interim c.f.o., controller or special projects lead (for example, development and review of financial statements and internal controls, financial modeling, acquisition/funding risk assessment). Clients range from Fortune 100 level to startups.


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