The power of TiE

By Srivats Srinivasan

I just returned from a day trip to Long Beach, CA for the SoCal annual TiECon event, where I was a speaker on the panel discussing Cloud Computing.

It was energizing to visit one of the larger TiE chapters and see the amazing work that is being done by TiE in different places. The event attracted several industry luminaries as speakers and attendees as well as numerous chapter members and others that wanted to take advantage of the confluence of talent, ideas and enterprise in one place on one day.

The sessions were superb in terms of the quality of speakers and questions, all of which made for a very interesting and informative day. Besides the sessions, the networking opportunity was unparalleled and particularly striking was the diversity of attendees. Not just in terms of race, gender and the usual factors but diversity in occupation, aspirations and ambitions. Which makes for a great chance to mingle, learn and grow as a professional and an individual.

Kudos to the SoCal TiE folks for organizing the event so well. And a great validation of the power that the TiE organization wields and can be used to your advantage as a member.

About the author – Srivats is the founder/CEO of Nayamode – a digital marketing firm in the Seattle area and President of TiE Seattle.


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