One on One: Haresh Sangani, Chair at Software and Internet SIG, TiE Seattle

Ravi SrinivasanHaresh Sangani
Ravi Srinivasan, Haresh Sangani

I recently sat down for coffee with Haresh Sangani to learn about Software and Internet SIG, TiE Seattle. Before I began my interview with Haresh, he showed me around the local office of Covelix. Here is an edited version of our chat:

Ravi Srinivasan: What are you reading?
Haresh Sangani: Just finished “First Rate Madness” by Nassir Ghaemi. This book argues how having some mental illnesses makes for better leaders and entrepreneurs. It is a very interesting and original perspective, looking at the benefits of mental disorders as opposed to just the negative effects.
Now reading “Philosophy in the Flesh” by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. It looks at how our mind is embodied – a deep and esoteric concept, perhaps, but I find it totally fascinating.

Q: What do you do at Covelix?
Haresh: I work as a Principal Consultant and Head of Sales at Covelix. Before this I worked with companies such as AT&T,, and several product startups. I also ventured in building couple of service companies from the ground up. Those experiences gave me a lot more appreciation and respect for what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Q: How and why did you get involved in Software and Internet (S&I) SIG?
Haresh: I have been involved with TiE Seattle for the last 6-7 years. In the past I used to mainly be an audience member at various events. It provided me with the opportunity to meet numerous entrepreneurs and industry leaders including co-founders, CTOs, CIOs etc. As a matter of fact, many of the people I have met through TIE Seattle are now my friends, colleagues, suppliers, clients, partners, mentees and mentors. It was only natural that I wanted to actively volunteer at TIE Seattle and engage in a more consistent and committed way. On the flipside, I understood that TIE Seattle had an opportunity to create a community focused specifically on Internet and software entrepreneurs. The two came together at the right time and I took up the mission of the Software and Internet SIG at the start of 2011.

Q: What has the S&I SIG done since its establishment?
Haresh: 2011 is the first year for the SIG. We have focused on bringing together passionate entrepreneurs with credibility, relevance and substance. Our goal is to create an ecosystem to educate, provide platform to network and access to mentors. We are organizing various events around  “Internet Venture Series” theme. We have recommended existing and aspiring entrepreneurs for formal mentorship through TIE Seattle Mentoring Program. We have helped connect Pacific North West entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with industry leaders, investors, and VCs’.

Q: Please elaborate on these events.
Haresh: We started this year with “Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Online Learning domain” (March) and “Monetizing Internet Users” (June). We received overwhelming responses and positive feedback from these events. I am excited; our SIG is excited and are continuing to collaborate with industry leaders for the future events.

Q: What is next for the S&I SIG?
As part of the Internet Venture Series, we are organizing “Raising Investment Capital” event in the fall. We are also working on “Building the internet Solution” in this series. Our most immediate event is on Dec 07th at Bellevue City Hall – it is entitled “Driving Adoption – Attracting Internet Users”.

Q: What is in for the next year?
Haresh: What do you think of licensed software? Is it dead? Of course we will be looking at latest trends in online space as well. Stay tuned. We are working on some themes.
We also will be more actively driving S&I SIG specific sponsorship opportunities. This will be a great way for those enterprises and businesses interested in reaching out to the local entrepreneurship community as well as in giving back to that community.

– By Ravi Srinivasan


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